26-04-2014: snatta krishnagar SSA donates Rs. 2500/- towards Roshan Family.....

26-04-2014: A brief update on today's National Council Meeting:

A brief update on today's National Council Meeting:
National Council Meeting held today under Chairmanship of Dir.(HR) Sh. A.N.Rai.
It is learnt that Staff Side strongly raised the long pending issues related to Non- Executives. A brief note on some issues raised is as below:
1. Reduction of Service Condition in LICE for JTO (T), JTO (E), JTO (C) & JAO.
It is agreed that it will be five years uniformly for all these posts.
2. Wage Erosion/Loss issue of post 2007 recruited non-executives.
It is learnt that issue has been sent to Management Committee for consideration.
3. Reviewing the qualifying marks for the recently held JTO LICE.
Leader staff side strongly raised this issue citing examples of CTD, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Karnataka etc Circles where there were ambiguities in the question paper of JTO LICE.
It is agreed that Management will give common instructions to all Circles to re-examine the ambiguities, if any, in the question papers of recently held JTO LICE.
4. 30% Superannuation Benefits to the BSNL Recruits.
Staff side strongly raised this issue also.
It is learnt that Management Side listed the points raised by Staff side & assured for the consideration.

SNATTA CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to all the National Council Members, Secretary Staff Side & especially Leader Staff Side for raising the genuine long pending issues of Non-executives.


21-02-2014: An Appeal to all DRTTA......

Our beloved DRTTA named Roshan  Barla ( Age -30 yrs) of Siliguri SSA expired suddenly on 30-01-2014. His family is in complete distressed condition. Sri Barla left his family including his only child of one year. He was the only earning member of his family. In such situation we the TTA group being his callegues cant be silent without extending our hand to his family. Hence snatta WBTC Circle appeals to all TTAs of West Bengal as well All over India to send the possible economical support and the same may be sent to our Circle Treasurer Account. The account details is mentioned below: also note that after sending the amount ,a mail with details(scan copy ) of sent amount may be given tosnattawb.cs@gmail.com so that we can recognize the sender.

A/C NO:  09750100006094

We hope family of Late Barla will get maximum support from DRTTA unity...(courtsey snattawb)




03-12-2012: EPF statement issue.........

after persuation ..a hard copy of the previous for which the contribution was not uploaded in our EPF sheet has come....with rectification..youu may collect it from GM office......otherwise contact to DS

03-12-2012: regarding wage loss.............

Post 01.01.2007 recruited SC/ST TTAs are requested to fill in the form A/B (given below) and send it through proper channel to Chief Liaison Officer (SCT), BSNLCO, New Delhi along with the attachments (1-5, as given below), for the expeditious settlement of wage loss issue.

(4). JTO2007
Contact details:


09-11-2012: The newly formed body approved BY CHQ..as below:

1.Central Co-ordinator
 Banabihari Nagendra Singh
 Kharagpur SSA
2. President
 Jagadish Paul
 Kolkata SSA
3. Vice President
 Pranab kr. Das
 Malda SSA
4. Secreatry
 Amit khan
 Krishnagar SSA
5. Asstt Secreatry
 Sourav Dutta
 Bankura SSA
 6.Organising Secreatary
 Probir Sikder
 Kolkata SSA
7. Auditor
 Sudip Sasmol
8. Treasurer
 Subodh Mondal
 Kolkata SSA
9. Exe. Member
 Bireswar Mondal
10.Exe. Member 
 Swarup Kanti Shil
11. Exe. member
12  Exe. member
 Kalipada Maity

Dipankar Roy
 Kharagpur SSA

Jalpaiguri SSA


09-11-2012: The Divisional Body of krishnagar SSA is re- arranged at the general body meeting on 26-10-2012 at TRC hall Krishnagar SSA...Congratulation to Sri ASHOKE GHOSH for being Divisional Secreatry of krishnagar SSA..the re-arranged body is as follows:

 Mohan Paul
 Vice President
 Dhrubadas Banik
 Divisional Secretary
 Ashoke Ghosh
 Asstt Secretary
 Tapas sarkar
 Moumita Maitra
 Asstt Treasurer
 Munmun Chatterejee
 Exe mmeber: 
 Manick Mandal
 Exe member
  Arindam Biswas

09-11-2012: CHQ approved our Re-arranged Divisional Body......Congratulation to sri Ashoke Ghosh for being Divisional Secreatry Krishnagar SSA SNATTA....MOB: no. 9434175169

The Re-arranged Body is as below:


President : Mohan Paul(9474023555)

Vice President : Dhrubadas Banik(9474029007)

Divisional Secretary: Ashoke Ghosh          ...................................(9434175169)

Asstt Secretary : Tapas sarkar(9434546133)

Treasurer: Moumita Moitra(9475274332)

Asstt Treasurer : Munmun Chatterejee(9434033368)

Exe mmeber: Manick Mandal(9434141403)

Exe member: Arindam Biswas(9474023486)


08-11-2012: minutes of AIC ......

9th CEC and 5th Grand All India Conference of SNATTA
    The 9th CEC and 5th All India Conference of SNATTA were held on 3rd and 4th November 2012 at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sh. D.K. Maheshwari PGMTD, Jaipur was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The function was presided over by Sh. H.P. Meena Sr. GM (Finance) Jaipur. The Guest of Honour included Sh. K. Sebastian GS SNEASh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Sh. P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, Sh. C. Singh GS NFTE, Sh. Islam Ahmad President NFTE, Sh. A. K. Dahiya AGS SNEA, Sh. S. S. Rajput CS SNEA Rajasthan, and Sh. M. K. Marodia CS AIBSNLEA Rajasthan. Prominent leaders of all major unions of Rajasthan Circle were also present to grace the occasion.
    SNATTA Patron in Chief Sh. Dhiraj Choudhary and Patron Sh. Pardeep Kumar were also present to boost up the moral and shower their esteemed guidance to young and dynamic TTA’s from all over India. The function was attended by delegates from almost all the Telecom circles with full spirit and enthusiasm. An open session was organized on “Role of BSNL employees in context to changing telecom scenario”.
    Sh. Dharmendra Verma, G.S. SNATTA welcomed the delegates reminding everyone of the historical moment of such a large number of hitherto delegates having come together for their commitment to attend the CEC and AIC of SNATTA. Sh. Dharmendra Verma delivered the welcome speech and detailed the house about the long pending and burning issues of TTA’s. The main demands included Pay anomaly of the post 2007 recruited TTAs, early conduct of JTO LICE with latest vacancies and change of designation of TTAs. He strongly emphasized on the demands of TTA’s and asked all the present office bearers of all unions / associations to put an ear to their demands and give voice to their issues in front of BSNL management.
    Chief guest Sh. D.K. Maheshwari PGMTD, Jaipur addressed the house and without any hesitation accepted the outstanding performance of DRTTA’s in the management of services and customer satisfaction. He congratulated DRTTA’s for organizing such a grand AIC in Rajasthan Circle. Sh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA in his address while discussing the issues related to Viability of BSNL and its growth assured full support to SNATTA for the settlement of their legitimate HR issues and appealed them to actively participate in the ongoing struggle of Joint Forum.
    Com P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU addressed the seminar and explained the efforts taken by BSNLEU to settle the various issues of the TTA’s. He also severely criticized the anti-BSNL and pro-private policies of the government and called upon the SNATTA to become part of the united struggle that is going on to salvage BSNL. He also gave surety to discuss all the matters related to DRTTA with the management with priority and with a solution. Sh. K. Sebastian GS SNEA, in his address discussed the govt. policies and their effects on BSNL. He discussed various issues related to BSNL and appealed all the unions / associations to come forward and support the united forum for making the struggle stronger and fruitful.
    Com. C. Singh GS NFTE and Com. Islam Ahmad President NFTE in their address criticized the HR policies of BSNL related to group C & D. They strongly supported the demands of DRTTA and promised to stand next to DRTTA’s in all situations. They also appealed the recognized union to take the matter of DRTTA’s seriously and appealed to put forward the grievances of DRATTA’s in their meeting with BSNL management. The house was fully powered by the delegates enchanting the slogan “SNATTA ZINDABAD” and “Long live our leaders” continuously during the open session. The strength and unity shown by our friends was unmatched.
    In the end All India President Sh. Manish Samadhiya addressed the house with the vote of thanks. He very aggressively spoke about the issues of SNATTA in front of the audiences. He minced no words and squarely put forth the issues and asked for its resolution. Shri Manish Samadhiya speech filled the audiences with energy and the auditorium was filled with sound of claps and slogan ‘SNATTA ZINDABAD’. He assured the house and all DRTTA’s that SNATTA will leave no stone unturned to raise the grievances of DRTTA’s with the management. He asked all the major unions / associations to include the demand of ‘30% fitment to post 2007 TTA’s ‘in the united forum agenda. He assured full cooperation from SNATTA at any level for the betterment of BSNL. He responded positively on the issue of joining the United forum for the struggle and said that if the grievances of DRTTA are addressed by the unions in a healthy manner then we, SNATTA will always stand in front of all in every struggle.
    Finally a meeting was held to elect the new CEC members of SNATTA. It was unanimously decided to keep the same CHQ body till the next CEC meeting. In addition to previous CHQ body, Sh. Pawan Meena from Rajasthan circle was elected as Dy.GS till next CEC meeting. Congratulations to him. After two months CEC will decide the next course of action.
    At last, the AIC ended with a special thanks with sincere and deepest gratitude to the SNATTA team members of Rajasthan Circle for organizing a grand and very successful CEC and AIC at Jaipur. The Team Rajasthan included Sh. Pawan Meena (CC), Sh. Rohitash Punia (CP) Sh. N.S.Shekhawat (CS), Sh. Mahesh Mangal, Sh. I.C. Saini, Sh. Ramesh Kumar Prajapat, Sh. Rajinder Khanna, Sh. Umesh Toshniwal, Sh. Kapil Saini, Sh. Sushil Choudhary, Sh. Neeraj Varshney, Sh. Rajkishore Sharma, Sh. Sanjeev Chauhan, Sh. Narendra Khatri, Sh. GC Rajawat, Smt. Saroj Jangid, Sh. D.D. Gupta, , Sh. Kuldeep Paliwal, , Sh. JP Gupta, Sh. Mahesh Choudhary, Sh. Dharmendra Sharma and Sh. Yashwir Singh. Everyone was left with no words to praise the arrangements and facilities provided to the delegates. The delegates felt the real taste of Rajasthan in terms of food and sense of hospitality. The Rajasthani dance and song cultural night after CEC made everyone thrilled and the only word came out was ‘awesome’.



06-11-2012: AIC Jaipur Regarding............

the 9th CEC and 5th Grand All India Conference of SNATTA was held on 3rd and 4th November 2012 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Chief Guest Sh. D.K. Maheshwari PGMT, Presiding Officer Sh. H.P. Meena Sr. GM Jaipur, Sh. K. Sebastian GS SNEA, Sh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Sh. P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, Sh. C. Singh GS NFTE, Sh. Islam Ahmad President NFTE, Sh. A. K. Dahiya AGS SNEA, graced and addressed the huge gathering.
SNATTACHQ conveys its sincere and deepest gratitude to the team SNATTA Rajasthan for arranging such grand  and beautiful CEC and All India Conference. The Team Rajasthan includes Sh. Pawan Meena (CC), Sh. Rohitash Punia (CP) Sh. N.S.Shekhawat (CS), Sh. Mahesh Mangal, Sh. I.C. Saini, Sh. Rajinder Khanna, Sh. Umesh Toshniwal, Sh. Kapil Saini, Sh. Neeraj Varshney, Sh. Rajkishore Sharma, Sh. Sanjeev Chauhan, Sh. Narendra Khatri, Sh. GC Rajawat, Smt. Saroj Jangid, Sh. D.D. Gupta, Sh. Sushil Chaudhary, Sh. Kuldeep Paliwal, Sh. Ramesh Kumar, Sh. JP Gupta, Sh. Mahesh Chaudhary, Sh. Dharmendra Sharma and Sh. Yashwir Singh. The photos, resolutions along with Minutes of meeting follows....


26-10-2012: Gist of meeting of snatta krishnagar today at TRC hall....

an urgent meeting was called for some immediate issue as declared earlier:
1) JTO LOOK after Charge: it is decided unanimously that snatta will oppose the forciebly given JTO CHARGE to any uninterested DRTTAs but will not have any objection if any individual of DRTTAs got interest and took the charge on his own interest and risk. we shall fight our best if admin tried to force.
2) District Body re-arrangement: As the Existing district Secretary is elected as Circle Secretary , hence it was necessary to change the District secreary. the present member unanimously elected SRI ASHOKE GHOSH, TTA/TRANS /BUH (MOB: 9434175169) as DISTRICT SECRETARY/SNATTA KRISHNAGAR SSA.

the modification will be sent to CHQ for approval.He is an efficient soldier of snatta family since snatta formed in Krishnagar. we hope snatta will work more now in krishnagar.
3) organisational review: Members are requested to be self activated and participate in full although maximum members had attended the meeting.
4) fund collection: regularly within every six month , monthly subscription to be cleared.



19-10-2012: an urgent meeting called on 26-10-2012 at TRC hall , Krishnagar excahnge building at 2 pm.

1) JTO LOOK after charge
2) Circle Conference /alteration of district body
3) AIC
4) organisational review

each and every member are requested to come without fail...otherwise no action or activity will be taken in any respect.. mind it it is yours ..if you move only then snatta will move...

19-10-2012: GM asked DS snatta and again Offered for look after JTO charge specially to DRTTAs ...but we opposed it...although GM is found adamant to give the Charge

19-10-2012: Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular, BSNL in global top 20...Source ET

Here is a list of all the top 20 mobile phone operators ranked in the list.

19-10-2012: various SSA and Circle conference is going on Throughout INDIA

19-10-2012: tamilnadu Circle Conference poster...Hon ble CGM will attend the meeting..

19-10-2012: Regarding Circle Conference............

newly elected office bearers of Circle body of SNATTA WB.. is approved by Central co-ordinator..WB...now it is sent to GENERAL SECRETARY SNATTA for final approval.
Gist of Circle body( proposed):
1) President: Jagadish Paul-------KOL SSA
2) Secretary: Amit Khan--------Krishnagar SSA
3) Treasurer: Subodh Mondal--------KOL SSA

Detail of the body will be uploaded after final approval of CHQ...


09-10-2012:Great achievement in 3rd Circle conference

A grand arrangement was made by our Kharagpur SSA. The conference was conducted at conference hall of Kharagpur GM Office. All serviceTrade Union & Executive Leaders were present and share their views regarding TTAs. We are thankful to them
AGM (HR & Admin) was also present and delivered speech. The conference was inaugurated by AGM (HR &Admin). All the leaders offer to lighten the candle.
After lunch internal session started and discussion took place on the following issues……………………
1. Last year Activity…..
2. Organizational review…..
3. 30%fitment updated news…..why delay in court?
4. JTO LICE status…….
5. New circle body formation….
6. Fund collection…..
7. Increase our unity…..

Why this conference reveals its importance?
            Mind that SNATTA WB first conference was conducted at Victoria Garden without arrangement
2nd circle conference was conducted at CTTC, Salt lake with minimum arrangement.
            But this time SNATTA made circle conference at the conference room of GMT office of Kharagpur with administrative presence and knowledge and almost all unions were present there with proper decorum maintained by Kharagpur SSA leaders.
Although our issues are yet to be solved but DRTTAS through SNATTA is going to be acceptable at all levels. This is our achievement.


05-09-2012:UNITED FORUM OF BSNL UNION?ASSOCIATION called launch hour demonstration on 18 th Sept 2012

United forum of BSNL executives/non executives unanimously decided to hold lunch hour demonstrations throughout the Country on 18th Sept.,12 at BSNL Hqs/ CGMHqs/ SSAHqs to protest against deliberate inaction and failure of BSNL management to take any initiative to complete the process of repatriation of unabsorbed ITS by 30th Sept.,12 in compliance to the directions of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. The protest also signals a clear warning to DOT that any attempt to allow ITS to continue on deputation/deemed deputation/foreign service etc. in BSNL would be fought tooth and nail by absorbed/recruited executives/non executives of BSNL since such an loose arrangement to appease ITS would be last nail in the coffin of BSNL.  United forum also unanimously decided to fight the issue legally and intensify organizational activities by launching harder organizational actions in the days to come in case DOT decides to go ahead with deemed deputation/foreign service of ITS in BSNL.          

05-09-2012: Overburdened with loss and outstanding BSNL is on nationwide recovery drive....ET

05-09-2012: All India Conference at Rajasthan on 27 th and 28 th OCTOBER, 2012

05-09-2012:Top posts in BSNL, MTNL may be reserved for ITS officers......ET

KOLKATA: The telecom department will shortly move a Cabinet note to "encadre" or permanently reserve about 1,100 top managerial slots in state-run BSNL and MTNL for Indian Telecom Service (ITS) officers to stop their exodus. At present, BSNL has medical officers and law enforcement executives in its seven telecom factories who are encadred officers of the Union health and labour ministries.
DoT now plans to ring in the concept of encadred officers in BSNL and MTNL's highest echelons by permanently placing Group A officers belonging to the ITS cadre in key management slots in the ranks of DGM and above. All encadred officers will remain in government service till retirement and will earn in line with central pay scales, which is higher than PSU compensation.

"The DoT is examining a proposal to encadre some 1,000-odd top managerial positions in BSNL and another 150-odd in MTNL for ITS officers to encourage them to stay back in these PSUs," said a member of a DoT panel looking into the ITS issue, adding that the government was hopeful since encadrement already existed in BSNL.

The move, however, requires Cabinet approval as BSNL and MTNL were spun off into corporate entities from DoT through cabinet decisions in 1986 and 2000, respectively. There are nearly 1,800 ITS officers, of whom nearly 1,400 were deputed to BSNL 12 years ago when the telco was spun off into a separate corporate entity from DoT. The rest have been on deputation in MTNL since 1986.

Last November, when the communications ministry gave these officers an option to return to government service, virtually everyone opted to return to DoT since central pay is higher than PSU emoluments. Till date, BSNL and MTNL have released only 400 ITS officers but time is running out since a Delhi High Court order requires both telcos to release the remaining officers by September 30.
Source: The Economic Times


31-08-2012:ET review: BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701C.....regarding....ET

NEW DELHI: Although delayed, BSNL's entry into the budget tablet is not without reason. At Rs 4,999, its 7-inch tablet is the cheapest one in the market with a capacitive touchscreen.
Surprisingly for the price, the tablet does not skip out on any feature or compromise on the hardware specifications.
The build quality is at par with most other budget tablets. It feels solid to hold and the white finish looks elegant. The 7-inch touchscreen has the standard 800 x 480 pixel resolution and suffers from the same issue as most other budgets tabs - poor viewing. On the bright side, the screen has excellent touch response.
The tablet's onboard mini HDMI port can output at 720p resolution to a connected display - a slight letdown as most other budget tablets output at 1080p resolution.
There is mini USB port with on-the-go connectivity and also a full-size USB 2.0 port to connect flash drives - impressive and unexpected at this price. It also has a charging indicator light, skips on useless hardware buttons for home/back and menu, has large and well-placed volume keys - little additions that made us like the tablet more.
Hardware specifications are similar to the competition with a 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB onboard storage expandable via microSD cards. It runs Google's Android 4.0 operating system in its stock interface and provides full access to Google's Play Store as well.
A front VGA camera is available for video calls. Like other tablets, the output quality from the camera is full of noise and mostly useless. The audio output is shockingly loud and is good enough for a small room to play music.
For the price, the BSNL Penta tablet is really high value for money - it has no match in the sub Rs 5,000 bracket at the moment. The only downside is the 3,000-mAh battery that lasts under 3 hours with continuous video playback.
If you can spend a bit more, consider the Zync Z-990 Plus (Rs 6,490) tablet which has better battery life, a faster 1.5Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM - all combined, you get better performance.

31-08-2012: Coming soon: Video chats on your BSNL landline... ET NEWS

Soon, you can do video calls, chats/conferencing on your old BSNL land phone connection, a feature which will be facilitated after C-DoT upgrades BSNL's existing telecom infrastructure to the Next Generation Network (NGN) -- a process which has started & expected to complete within a year and a half.

ET talked to AKV Sai Jayram, Group Leader, C-DoT, whose team has been working on this cutting edge technology for a couple of years.
C-DoT has also developed a broadband wireless terminal which can provide broadband speeds faster than 3Gnetworks with very low capital and operational expenditure.

31-08-2012: BSNL Board has approved the followings

BSNL Board has approved the following in its meeting held on 28.08.2012.
1. 78.2 % IDA fitment.
2. Recruitment of 2670 TTAs from the market.
3. NE-12 Pay Scale for the non executives.

31-08-2012: Change of Designation Committee meeting has been discontinued by Management. There will not be any new designations for Non Executives in BSNL....

31-08-2012: 30% fitment case is firther extended to 18 th SEPT 2012


22-08-2012: meeting with GM....headlines.....

we were invited by GM in the all union association meeting with GM/krishnagar and DS amit khan attended the meeting. All the unions of this SSA attended also. we from SNATTA proposed the following:

Expenditure reduction:

1) dismantle or cut up AC machines which are unnecessary. it will reduce the electric bill and maintenance expenditure.
2) properly maintain the logbook for diesel consumption & load shedding
3) closing of exchanges below 50 connections
4) exchange deloading
5) proper utilisation of cars
6) proper & routine checking of power plant etc.
7) batteries installation and maintenace logbook follow up


1) increase no of PCMs to the DSLAMs phase wise
2) BTS maintenance properly
3) a SSA level unit may be created under the direct control of GM to follow up the all sorts of complain booked by customer.
4) maintain Laese CKT customer complain register separately.
5) alternate route creation for high profile customer based area
6) engage all sorts of employess( directly/indirectly) to promote our business
7) proper marketing of our products.
8) etc.

however GM  took the points with concentration and lastly urged to be accountable in every respect and told that mobile service in this SSA is improved than previous traffic record. one alternate route under process, and appreciates for our   comments and also requested unions /associations to care more for BSNL. one more thing again GM told for looking after arrangement to DRTTAs and we have also placed our opinion for the same.
AS all the union leaders were pesent , DS also urged all the union /associations to move a whole for the development work.......


18-08-2012: BSNL loss stood at Rs 8,851 cr during last fiscal: Govt

The financial loss of state-run telecom firm, BSNL, touched Rs 8,851 crore during 2011—12, Parliament was informed on Friday.
The figures presented by Minister of State for Communications and IT, Milind Deora, in a written reply in Rajya Sabha shows losses by BSNL during the last three financial years starting 2009—10 when it reported loss of Rs 1,823 crore.
BSNL’s profit had started declining continuously from Rs 10,183 crore in 2004—05 before showing a loss in 2009—10.
During 2010—11, BSNL losses rose to Rs 6,384 crore mainly due to hefty outgo on employees’ salary and expenses borne by the PSU for procuring 3G and BWA spectrum.
BSNL officials had attributed widening of the losses mainly on account of payment made to the government to procure 3G and BWA licenses for which it paid a total of Rs 18,500 crore.
BSNL has proposed to surrender some spectrum and seeking refund for the same but no decision has yet been taken by Department of Telecommunications.
The total revenues of the company at the end of FY’11 were Rs 28,876 crore.
BSNL has submitted a proposal of Voluntary Retirement Scheme as part of its efforts to revive the loss—making company. The government is yet to approve it.